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CEP or Zip Codes in Brazil

Brazilian postal/zip codes (Códigos de Endereçamento Postal – CEP) are written as a sequence of eight digits, for example 10025-345. The eight digit system replaced the old five digit system in 1992 and all CEPs are stored in the National Directory of Addresses (Diretório Nacional de Endereços – DNE)

The first digit represents one of the ten postal regions in Brazil and this is followed by another digit: the sub-region. The following three numbers represent the sector, sub-sector and sub-sector division.

After the hyphen the last three numbers known as suffixes relate to avenues, roads, parks and squares within a municipality. The range of these three numbers is from 000 to 999.

Each of the ten postal regions is divided into ten sub-regions and each sub-region is again divided ten times. This division of ten is repeated until there are ten divisions of the sub-sector. For example: São Paulo State is region 1, Campinas is sub-region 3, so the first two digits of the CEP would be 1 then 3.

To search for a code in Brazil, type in the street name next to Endereço ou CEP

It is also possible to search for a code on Busca CEP Brasil