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A list of alleged drug leaders sought by Brazil

October 25th, 2009
Favela in Rio

Favela in Rio

Profiles of some of the major alleged drug traffickers being sought by Brazilian police in their quest to quash rampant violent crime prior to the 2016 Olympics:

Fabiano “FB” Atanasio da Silva, 33, alleged Red Command leader. Police hold da Silva responsible for the downing of a police helicopter that killed three officers during a bloody shootout this week. Authorities say he uses road blocks, booby-traps, gunmen and security cameras to make the slum he controls virtually impenetrable.

Magno Fernando de Souza, 43, alleged Red Command leader in the Mangueria slum. Police say he is known for stuffing cocaine packets into Santa Claus hats for distribution at Christmastime. He also allegedly created videos in the late 1990s to teach young recruits how to use weapons.

Jorge “Big Baby” Vieira, 31. Police say that unlike many alleged drug chiefs, Vieira is known for treating slum dwellers poorly: imposing curfews and expelling residents from their shacks to turn them into drug-selling points.

Leandro “Scooby” Botelho, 31. One of the alleged leaders of Monkey Hill. A year ago, authorities say, he ordered the torture of three military police officers who mistakenly wandered into his area.

Illan Nogueira “Capoeira” Sales, 23. Captured Wednesday. Police say he was part of a group that in August 2008 kidnapped a Vietnamese diplomat and three Chinese nationals who escaped a day later. He is wanted in connection with the killing of a policeman last year.

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