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Lula Warns Zelaya: Don’t Use Brazil Embassy in Honduras for Conspiracy

September 24th, 2009

military_hondurasBrazilian president’s spokesman Marcelo Baumbach told reporters this Thursday, September 24, that Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’ deposed president, may stay in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa as long as he wishes.

“It’s obvious that president Zelaya will stay in the Brazilian embassy as long as necessary to solve the situation. Brazil gave shelter to president Zelaya, he runs the risk of being arrested if he leaves the embassy,” said Baumbach.

According to Brazil’s Foreign Relations ministry about 100 people are in the embassy with Zelaya. Commenting on the situation of these people, Baumbach stated that Brazil will not select who needs or doesn’t need protection.

Reports by Brazilian journalists reveal that those sheltered by Brazil can’t shave or brush their teeth, they also haven’t taken a bath in three days, since they don’t have enough water or soap.

“If people entered the Brazilian embassy and asked for protection we believe they need it. The Brazilian government is not worried at this time about choosing who needs or doesn’t need to be there,” he added.

Baumbach let it be known, however, that president of Brazil is against the use of the embassy for any secret plan or plot.

“President Lula does not authorize the embassy to be used for political conspiracies. We believe that there is a possibility for a negotiated solution for this problem. Brazil believes that the negotiated solution is already on its way.”

The spokesman reaffirmed that the Brazilian government was not aware of Zelaya’s plan to go back to Honduras and that the deposed leader’s request to stay in the embassy came as a complete surprise.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez said in New York that he knew everything about the plan and that he even helped Zelaya deceive the Honduran authorities while the ousted president made his way back to Tegucigalpa.

According to Baumbach, the government of Roberto Micheletti showed signs that it is willing to start negotiations. On Thursday, however, Zelaya informed that his proposal to start a dialogue had not received any answer from the de-facto government.

“I reiterate what has already been said by president Lula and ministers. Brazil was taken by surprise by the arrival of president Zelaya to the Embassy. Brazil had no knowledge of this plan. It only did what is practice: to give shelter,” the spokesman offered.

“Would it be possible that president Lula had no knowledge of Zelaya’s plan to return to Honduras?” a reporter asked. “It’s not up to us to make assumptions concerning what is possible or not. Brazil, in fact, had no knowledge of this plan,” responded Baumbach.

Lula will meet Chávez this weekend in Venezuela and they are expected to discuss Zelaya’s situation.

Written by José Wilson Miranda

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