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New law on the sale and display of pornography divides opinions.

September 17th, 2009
Mayor Ricardo Coutinho (PSB)

Mayor Ricardo Coutinho (PSB)

The new law, which was put forward by Councillor Elisa Virgínia (PPS) and approved by the Prefeitura is dividing opinions in João Pessoa because it concerns the sale, display and exhibition of pornographic and obscene material in public places.

This includes newspapers, magazines and the like. The aim is to guarantee the security of the family institution along with developing and preserving good attitudes. If it is sanctioned by the Mayor, Ricardo Coutinho (PSB), it will be against the law to display any material that shows images, texts and sounds that represent sexual acts as well as the display of genitals in the context of sex. Also forbidden will be any exploitative material of a perverse sexual nature.

Some members of the public think the images have a negative effect on children though there are others who think banning the material won’t make any difference what so ever. Some commented that no one will even notice.

There were companies that thought some sound moderation would be required because of advertisements featuring motels, bikinis and lingerie.

Soraia Escorel, promotora da Infância e Juventude said there was a clear intention to combat the sexual exploitation of children and there were already laws which prevented pornographic material being sold along side ordinary reading material.

Areas to be targeted are those with the greater concentration of children and young adults as well as the BRs, public squares and thoroughfares etc.

A first offence will bring a set fine, which will be doubled, for a second offence. Thereafter the person could have their license to sell material revoked. Action will also be taken against the publishers.

By Andre Gomes

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