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Noisy Neighbours know no Limits.

September 14th, 2009

noiseWho has never been put out by the sound of noisy neighbours and just what do you do when you have reached the end of your tether? Where do you go and to whom do you speak?

The Secretaria de Meio Ambiente da Prefeitura of João Pessoa is the body responsible for monitoring and registering of complaints. During the week they can take as many as 20 a day and up to 90 a day at the weekend. The reports come from all points in the city but the definitely the worst area is Mangabeira, followed by Cristo Redentor, Cruz das Armas then the beach side neighbourhoods. Complaints are down though from 2007 when they were 1200 a month to 560 a month in 2009.

O Artigo 1º do Decreto nº 4.793, que regulamenta o Código Municipal do Meio Ambiente, says it is prohibited to disturb the peace and well being of the public with loud noise, vibrations and excessively loud music by whatever means after 10.00pm.

The chefe da Divisão de Fiscalização da Secretaria de Meio Ambiente, Socorro Menezes, said that before the law there was little information to help them, now they have something to help them deal with excessive and sever noise pollution. However, it isn’t only houses and cars that break the law as churches are often the focus of attention as they are often constructed in acoustically inadequate buildings. Causing noise pollution is not without a penalty with fines varying between R$200,000 and R$50 million, depending on the situation.

The chefe de Divisão da Semam explained that it was more important to educate and raise the consciousness of the people breaking the law. However, if the law continues to be broken then a fine will be imposed. Should there be a third reoccurance then the equipment will be taken away.

Courtesy O Norte

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