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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities


August 13th, 2009


Paraiba Paradise Newsletter

7th of June get-together at BoraBora

Well, despite the late change of venue the meeting was very well attended. Over 90 guests turning up, including a lot of new people. Everyone commented on the good food which was very reasonably priced.

The pictures from this event will be available on the new site which is being tested now and will be on-line with-in the next two week

The next get-together

BikiniBB logo2

The next get-together will be held at Bikini’s Beach Bar, Av. Cabo Branco. It will be on Sunday 20th September 2009 starting at about 1pm and finishing around 7pm. Harvey (the owner) has suggested that to make this event a little different, people could bring their own food and share it (maybe people could bring a national dish from their home country).

This seems to be a good idea as we have so many different countries represented at these meetings. We could have a great variety of dishes to choose from. People who don’t want to bring their own food can still choose something from the bar which also serves food. The menu has been added as an attachment to this e-mail.

There is a childrens climbing frame near by and plenty of space for the kids to run around.

As always there will be a book and DVD exchange so be sure to dig out all those old books you keep meaning to bring and swap.

A map showing where Bikini’s beach bar can be viewed here

Web site news

The new site is currently being tested and we expect to launch it with-in two weeks. It has been set up so people can easily customise it to suit their needs. You will also be able customise the newsletter information too!

There has also been a major change in the way “what’s on ” information is provided. The new site uses a fully interactive google calendar more advanced and up to date than any other showing absolutely everything going on in Joao Pessoa. Many locations also have a google map which you can use to find out how to get to a venue.

As we don’t want to spam people, we recommend that you spend 2 or 3 minutes setting up the information you want and discard the information you do not want. We will send out a newsletter explaining how you can do this as soon as the site goes live.

The Forum

The forum is going from strength to strength and we now have 265 members.If you have information you wish to share or want to find out about anything then this is the place for you.

There is also an up to date job information thread for those who are looking for a job and if you scan the current lists you will be surprised at what’s available and the salaries on offer.

It takes about two minutes to register and then you will have access to post information or ask questions, you do not have to register if you only want to read.

Remember that the forum is one way of presenting new information very quickly and allowing you to comment on it. Sometimes so much information comes in at once that it is put straight on in Portuguese. We can summarize it in English by request.

We aim to provide a response to a post within a day or certainly a reply.

logo-paraiba-paradise assoAssociation News

Thanks to those who have filled in and sent back the membership form. We are still working very hard to reach the required number for Unimed. We could join now but that would mean a smaller discount for association members.

Unimed can not improve the discount later so the discount we start with will be the discount we stay with. We will put more time and effort into increasing the membership numbers now we have some spare time.

If you know anyone who has or is thinking of getting health insurance, please mention the Association as it will save them around 30% on their premium.

There have recently been some changes in health plan legislation which we have tried to outline on the forum. Basically, it means you don’t have to wait six months when you transfer from one state to another.

However, you must check that you satisfy a number of conditions and contacting Unimed direct should answer your questions. Full contact details are on the forum. Please remember that to register your interest in the association does NOT require any payments. Some useful information can be read here

Local News

Paradise Beach Bar

Paradise Beach opened in July on the beach in Cabo Branco (nothing to do with the web site). The bar is located on Av. Cabo Branco at the intersection with Rua Adolfo Loureiro Franca directly in front of Pizza Mia.

The kiosk was formerly known as “Alemao” and now offers a variety of dishes ranging from pastas, file mignon, sandwiches, typical Brazilian items, and the BEST hamburger in town.

It is open daily from 11 am until midnight or later if they have a crowd. They usually stay open until past one on Friday and Saturday night.

They have many “gringo” regulars, so pop by and check them out for good food and cold beer as well as a wide range of “hot bebidas” too! (map).

We are hoping to hold the December get together at The Paradise Beach Bar / restaurant. We just need to finalise the arrangements with Glenn and Lou the owners. Why don’t you try it out, the next time you are in Cabo Branco?



Digital Gaia is a big open-air party just outside Joao Pessoa on the 15th August 09, starting at 12 midday on Saturday and finishing on Sunday at around 7am. It will feature DJ’s from all over the world including a couple of English guys that some of you may know, Dave from Intermares & Rico from Lucena.

You can find out more from their Blog, if you buy tickets in advance they are R$10 to R$20 and R$30 if you buy on the door.

Here is a map showing where the event is being held


The biggest item in the news at the moment is Swine Flu and we have already opened a thread on the forum about this. We receive news updates from the Prefeitura so it wont be a problem to keep the thread up to date. If you do have problems with Portuguese then will provide a general note in English about the item.


First timers to Jampa will have had a shock at the amount of rain but don’t worry as the rainy season is coming to a close soon.

Another thing that might surprise people is the amount of work going on in Joao Pessoa. The fact is that the city is being inundated with funding and this is unlikely to run out in the near future. Tambau has received a fair amount of investment, with the repaving of the seafront of Manaira following close behind. However, the old town is about to have more than a face lift and many home owners who have neglected the visual appearance of the homes have been taken to task.

If you would like to comment on anything in this newsletter please feel free to contact the admin. team directly


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