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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

The rat

April 27th, 2009

rat1It was 3.30am in the morning when, all of a sudden, there was an almighty crash from the BBQ area. Talk about a rude awakening!

With thoughts of recent kidnappings and break-ins not a million miles from my mind, I raced through the house to the kitchen area, where I peered through the glass door into the darkness of the BBQ area.

I was confronted by a large rat sitting next to the fridge on its haunches, looking not unlike an old armchair.

It had knocked over some bottles and things and was now chewing its way through a pink baseball cap. I was momentarily distracted thinking who wears a pink baseball cap in this house but it passed when the rat jumped onto the serving area. We were now eye to eye ( I was stooping a bit) and I was thinking about what to do next when my well meaning, good lady wife tapped me on the shoulder. I suffered a mild heart attack but recovered quickly. She advised me to leave it alone and it would go away. “Where” I thought and how would you know it had gone. I decided to trap it with one of the children’s clear plastic toy chests. Incredibly, this took about an hour as we played a bizarre type of chess game around the BBQ area. When I did finally trap it, I put a heavy chair on top of the box for good measure.

Later that morning I rang the local council to ask for advice on what to do with the rat. They told me to take it to SUS. “I haven’t hurt it” says I, but they explained, very patiently, that the rat would be taken away and examined for diseases.

Clear plastic chest in arms with a very large, unhappy rat inside, I marched into the local SUS and up to the reception desk. Several people left the room.

They would indeed examine said rat. I asked if I could have the toy chest back, “no” she replied a tad too quickly for my liking.

Several days later they rang to confirm that the rat had no diseases.

My good deed cost me a toy chest but peace of mind.

Are rats always on their own?

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