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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities




This neighbourhood continues west between Epitacio and Beira Rio from Miramar and crosses over the BR230 up to Expeditionarios. There is access to and from the BR230 but it does depend on where you want to go. Due to limitations of space there is only an entrance and exit from the south but its better than nothing. Tambauzinho has access to Epitacio and Beira Rio and all the advantages that brings but it has one other advantage that the other bairros don’t have.

There is an access road which runs from Espaço Cultural right through to Torre. It is parallel to the other main roads mentioned and avoids all the traffic lights and speed cameras. A fantastic little rat run.

Tambauzinho is one of the highest bairros in JP, higher than Altiplano. Its southern flanks have views over the Mata do Buraquinho.

At most, there are about half a dozen small towers. Most of the avenues have a fair smattering of trees. It is home to that cultural marvel Espaço Cultural, a huge building with incredible internal spans. Its an exhibition centre with three theatres, two museums, a planetarium, a library, art and music centres, shops, banks and post office and possibly more things. The centre has its own parking facilities and during really big events the nearby streets can get a little congested but not enough to worry about. Very near to Espaço Cultural is a large Chinese restaurant called San Sun (83) 3244 4112/3243 0364.

Houses are cheaper and bigger here and most of the inspected properties were in good condition requiring only a little work before occupation. Expect to pay around R$275/300k for four bedrooms, more with a pool and garden. It was noted that properties here were considerably larger than similar priced properties in Manaira. There is some land available but not much. One builder offered to build us a house for R$250k anywhere in Miramar or Tambauzinho. It was noted that property to the west of the BR230 was cheaper than the eastern side.

What makes an “area nobre?” What makes Tambauzinho different from Jardim Luna (no beach) or Tambau (with a beach) there’s the rub, it’s a quiet district with access to everything, no shortage of housing, more locals than tourists and a good homely feel to it. For the most part the roads are up to a good standard.

I met people who have lived there all their lives. A walk round the area will reveal many houses with low to medium walls giving a comforting open feel to the area. You dont see a lot of “circa electrica” (electric fence on top of the walls).

There are no schools in Tambauzinho but many of the main schools are nearby. This goes for supermarkets too. Pao de Açucar is just down Epitacio Pessoa in Miramar with Extra and Bom Preço in the other direction. There are several shopping parades and many of the petrol stations have grocery sections and internet facilities.

The fleet of foot will make the beach in about 20 minutes; land weary souls should do it in at least half an hour and by car 3 minutes.

Tambauzinho, an area definitely to be considered.

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