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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities




This neighbourhood is essentially the area from Rio Jaguaribe below Epitacio , going west up to the link road between Epitacio and Beira Rio (Rua Joao Domingos) depending on who you talk to. It finishes south on the Beira Rio.

There are several towers here though most are on the eastern ridge to take advantage of the sea views. Apartment costs vary considerably but coberturas (top floors) on some new blocks are running at R$1.2 million with no discount for cash. Others run at half that. Two new blocks are going up for completion in 2010/11. Most housing seems to need some sort of work.

None of the homes visited were painfully over priced with large four bedders going for around R$300K. In saying that one ridge home shadowed by towers but with sea views is on the market for R$550k. It is advertised as first quality but the design was from the seventies, very twee. Good for a museum or “The Professionals” night club. Land is available, mainly to the south east of the district. A local builder offered to build a house which included buying the existing house and demolishing it for R$250,000.

The neighbourhood is home to the exclusive Cabo Branco Club, Evoluçao school and a Pao de Açucar. The Governor of Paraíba also has his official residence there.

To the south of Mirarmar you find several streets with very similar styled housing. There is a reason for this. These are the homes of senior military staff and there is an armed military presence in the area. Some of the roads have signs indicating the military zone.

The down side has to be the River Jaguaripe which stinks to high heaven and divides Miramar from Cabo Branco. In the rainy season it floods the Beira Rio main road though in August 2009 there was a massive river clearance programme to try and alleviate the problem further down the river. Residents also complain about the big delivery trucks going to Pao de Açucar.

If you don’t like Carnival then Miramar might not be the place for you. Morisocas of Miramar, the biggest carnival school of JP starts its run here. You will have to put up with the stalls on Epitacio Pessoa from Tamandare (Beach) up to the ridge just after Pao de Açucar. This means a lot of noise from the music stages and stalls. All this comes with traffic congestion and all the roads in Miramar become a bit congested. Associated with this is the noise of parkers and revellers. There are also a lot of people milling around. That might make some people feel uncomfortable. On the plus side it is very heavily policed as are most JP events.

There is a silver lining as Carnival only lasts for four days.

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