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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities




To the south of the aeroclube up to the Retao de Manaira, it is often confused with Bessa. It is only a small neighbourhood but surprisingly quiet. It has access to all the facilities enjoyed by Manaira and Bessa and also has one of the first housing condos in João Pessoa. However, houses don’t stay on the market very long in the gated community which backs onto the BR230.

Land is still available but tends to get a bit boggy around Hiper Bom Preço. There are earth roads but even these are disappearing under the road improvement scheme.

There are several praças which at this moment are being completely refurbished with trees, grassed areas and leisure areas. Buying a property in front of these areas is a bonus to take advantage of the views (nobody can build in front of you as the land is owned by the prefeitura). There are several towers being built for completion in 2009/10.

Down side has to be the small stream running through areoclub. Quite bluntly it smells of sewerage probably from the aforementioned favela up in Bessa. It can be quite nauseating in high season. Again the prefeitura has launched a massive clean up operation to find out where all the illegal sewerage pipes are coming from.

A big plus though has to be its location right on the access point of Bessa, Manaira and Bairro dos Ipes.

Moving back south but still on the seaward side of the BR230 we move to higher ground and the bairros of Joao Agripino, Jardim Luna, Brisamar, Miramar and Tambauzinho which crosses the BR230 and borders Expeditionarios (going west towards the town centre). To the north of Expeditionarios is Pedro Gondim and further west, Bairro dos Estados.

Nearly all the aforementioned are closely linked to Ave Pres. Epitacio Pessoa, the main spine road running from the centre of João Pessoa starting at the praça da independencia to the bust of Tamandare at the junction of Tambau and Cabo Branco, approximately 7kms.

One notable factor about most of these areas is fewer towers. Here you will find more houses and in the main, of higher quality. There are few tourists living here and housing tends to be more reasonably priced. True you are not right on the beach but it is only a few minutes drive away. As a guide, Miramar is approximately 15 minutes brisk walking while Tambauzino is 20 minutes. Not torture by any stretch of the imagination.

Walking round these neighbourhood during the day you will notice a more homely feel about them. Many homes have low walls with furniture and toys lying in the garden. Cars are parked on the driveways. Trees everywhere offer a welcome shade. Little praças and bars are dotted everywhere.

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