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Bessa extends from Mag Shopping up to Intermares and is the last neighbourhood to the north of João Pessoa. Land is plentiful though more expensive as you get nearer to the coast and especially to Mag Shopping and Manaira.

The prefeitura has renamed the area of Bessa bordering Retao de Manaira ( main road from the BR230 to the seaside). From the sea to the airport it is now known as “Jardim Oceania” and from the airport as “Aeroclube”. However, most people still refer to it as Bessa and the local council signs still refer to it as Bessa too.

Bessa boasts some fine housing between Aeroclube and the sea. Three and four bedroom houses are available for R$250K, one such home included an office and an edicula with four small flats for holiday rent. Another, a brand new home with four beds and en-suite bathrooms, BBQ, garden, pool and 10 minutes from the sea, R$280k cash.

Aeroclube is particularly useful to have nearby if you have a private plane or helicopter. Make the best of it. Rumour has it that Shopping Sul are going to build a shopping centre to rival Manaira shopping round the corner. This will increase the value of property in the area.

Bessa is also blessed with squares (praças) with little bars and eateries. There are several large wine bar type places and the famous Dona Branca cachaça bar is here too. More common in Bessa than other bairros are the shopping parades which get absolutely chock a block some evenings. Small shows with live bands as well as bands shown on a screen are the norm. Normally they close around 11.00pm but beware of the effects of infringements.

The latest shopping centre to open is Caiçara Shopping opening on the link road between Bessa and the BR230 or Av.Francisco Leocadio Ribeiro Coutinho. Open every day from 13.00 live bands and music along with the Gamela art gallery are there to take up your time and money. There are now three main shopping centres on that road alone. There is ready access to the BR230 and every major car concessionaire, major building suppliers, furniture and electrical retailers as well as Hiper Bom Preço and Carrefour supermarkets.

The BR230 is also the main road to the BR101, airport, Cabedelo and other parts of the city and Paraíba notably Campina Grande. The BR230 is also useful if you live on the northern border with Intermares as it is only a short drive to the town centre and Manaira. Buses serve Bessa and The BR.

Where Bessa borders Manaira and Mag shopping you will find a 24 hour Pao de Açucar and many varied stores. There is also a very reasonably priced sports centre run by the police, next to Pao de Açucar.

In a recent survey (June 2008) the basic shopping basket(cesta basica) was found to be cheapest than in any other neighbourhood. Some of the items were found to be as much as 25% cheaper.

The area is also well served by established schools and colleges.

There are many faces to Bessa beach too (see beach review) but parking can be difficult in some areas. On holiday weekends you may find streets close to the beach with many more cars than normal.

Some people are turned off Bessa by the earth roads but now is a good time to buy in when the values are lower. The prefeitura has implemented a huge road resurfacing and drainage programme involving 60 roads in the area which will ultimately have a huge positive affect on property prices. The programme was completed at the end of 2008.

If the road is not in the programme then be prepared for plenty of cleaning. Open windows mean dust and dirt roads mean a lot of dust. In the rainy season (normally last few weeks of May through to the first few weeks of July) dirt roads mean mud and lots of it. It can wear you down so you should visit the area and find out as much as possible, not just from the owner but from the prefeitura. Also be aware that some areas of Bessa flood during the rainy season. Another good reason to check if mains drainage has been laid.

The last point may be a significant factor if you are planning to leave your home locked up for several months of the year. You should seek out a reputable house/flat sitting service. The design of many homes allows for through ventilation at all times of the year (such as permanently vented windows). Where there is ventilation there is dust.

On some borders of the BR230 there is a favela. Some people don’t even know it exists but your household staff may very well come from there. Many people also work in the stores and motels that line the BR. There have never been any concerns expressed about the area.

Overall, Bessa offers a good cost effective, social balance.

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