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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities




If Tambau was at a party, it would be described as the life and soul of it. It has a beautiful beach and is well catered for by bars and restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and pousadas, banks and access to tourist facilities.

There is a thriving fish market, fruit and vegetable market, three arts and crafts centres along with the main tourist information centre and tourist police station. There is another tourist information centre in the artesanarto market in front of Tambau Tropical Hotel.

A medium sized Pao de Açucar (open 24 hours) is within reach as are several mini markets. There are taxi ranks everywhere and buses to all major parts of the city.

All the main festivals take place at the junction of Tambau with Cabo Branco making it a strategically important social link in the chain. Several of the main schools are there or nearby and several main roads run through it making it easy to drive anywhere. Such a high concentration of life comes at a cost. That may be noise, privacy and space.

Inevitably, buying a house there means someone will be looking into your back yard/pool or your house will be in a shadow. Not many houses are new so many will require some sort of attention, from renovation to demolition. A recent survey said you must allow at least 10% of the cost of the house for refurbishment.

With so many roads criss-crossing the bairro, there will always be background road noise and its pollution stablemate.

Without a doubt there is a great concentration of high rises in this area (see above photo) all trying to out do each other for a view of the sea or sunset. This makes for expensive apartments and houses on the eastern side. Amazingly, a new three bedroom house (two en-suite) with pool and parking can be had for as little as R$270k (less for cash). Land is available though it gets scarcer by the minute.

A favela sits on the banks of the River Jacaribe which runs on the western border of Tambau. This hasn’t put off the new build speculators who may have been encouraged by the Prefeituras attempts to move the favela in order to comply with the marine law which says that no homes should be built on riverbanks.

A lot of redevelopment has taken place including the building of a new shopping centre with 26 shops,cafes, bars and food outlets.. Old casinos have been turned into restaurants, the promenade is being repaved, beach bars have been closed or relocated and the fish market and artesanato market are being refurbished. All this work will significantly affect the value of property and future investments in a positive way in the future. This can also be said of the effect on the quality of life.

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