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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

Neighbourhoods of Joao Pessoa

Aerial view of João Pessoa

Aerial view of João Pessoa

João Pessoa could be described as being in two parts; the coast side of the BR230 and the city side of the BR230. However, there are some overlaps in the south of the city and as ever the neighbourhoods (Bairros) change on a daily basis as buildings get demolished and new ones are built.

An attempt has been made to identify some of the special characteristics that make each neighbourhood different, based on the personal experiences of people who are living or who have lived in the bairros.

There are around 66 neighbourhoods in João Pessoa (map). We say “around” because a ten year old law was implemented two years ago which changed the boundaries of the neighbourhoods. Some disappeared and new ones where created. The huge neighbourhood of Bessa became three neighbourhoods; where it bordered with the Retao de Manaira it is now Aeroclube to the west and Jardim Oceania to the east and Ave Campos Sales is now the Bessa border. There is an article about the new law and how it affects João Pessoas boundaries.

Just a note about sea front construction, João Pessoa has a law which forbids the building of more than three storeys for the first 500 metres from the beach line.

Anyone wishing to buy in to a neighbourhood is highly recommended to rent a property there first to experience daily life on a first hand basis.

Most areas take advantage of the famous gentle sea breeze which wafts through João Pessoa. The maresia can be good for you but detrimental to electrical appliances and cars, particularly in coastal homes. For example, take a look at the air conditioning unit of the home to see how badly corroded it is.

João Pessoa is converting to natural gas in many areas doing away with the gas bottle. You should check this when enquiring about a home.

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