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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities


Praia de Tambaba

Praia de Tambaba


40 km from the centre of João Pessoa

How to get there:

Access from the PB 008

Recently voted one of the best beaches in Brasil by the magazine VIAGEM (Fev 2008 ed;148) paradise certainly takes a bow in Tambaba.

A place where sea and sky meet taking a divine form. The sensation is of freedom and it is easy to understand because this beach is the first official nudist beach in the northeast of Brasil. With clear rules, which must be respected by all the visitors, Tambaba crosses frontiers and receives tourists from all over the world.

Tambaba is actually two beaches and very simple to get to. You drive to the end of the PB008, when you can’t go any further, you have reached Tambaba.

As you descend the metalled road to the beach you pass a car park. You can take in the views here and even park though it is only manned at high season. From there you can walk down to the first bend and then follow the earth path across the field and through the trees to the beach. There are several secluded areas as well as the long stretch of sand stretching back to João Pessoa. Popular with surfers it is rated as intermediate. The currents are very strong in this area; more so further south. There aren’t any bars though you may be lucky to meet the occasional vendor. The beach boasts many strange and brightly coloured rock formations of a volcanic nature void of any graffiti. At low tide you can wander amongst the rocky outcrops on the beach. Try to leave the beach before high tide when there are more exits to the road.

Back at the car park you could drive on down to the supervised beach car park. Fresh drinking water is available for drinking and washing. From the car park you can go down to the smaller public beach with its many natural piscinas. Mid tide is the best time to visit to experience the pools at their best. The rocky outcrops are quite impressive as they cut into the skyline. A lone palm tree crowns one of the rocks defiant against the elements. The tree is probably one of the most photographed plants in the area. Changing facilities are available in the low bushes which face the beach.

Hungry, well you could try the lone beach bar. It does, however, serve ice cold drinks and you may be able to endure a portion of mandioca fritters.

And what about the fabled nudist beach? Well the entrance lies to the end of the small public beach. You can recognise it by the huge notice board to the left of the entrance, which in itself is an archway through the trees. Within the entrance you will find someone sitting at a table before you surmount the steps. It was once said that there are only two things certain in life; death and taxes, however, there is a third: you must de robe completely if you go to the nudist beach. No ifs, buts (or butts) or maybes. Once established, passage is guaranteed. The beach is a natural enclosure and privacy is assured. It is essentially a family beach which allows women in groups but not men or men on their own. Couples of the Biblical kind are allowed too. Photography isn’t allowed.

Infringements are dealt with swiftly by the police from the nearby, permanently manned police check point. The PB008 is one of the main roads in and out of João Pessoa even if it is relatively deserted. One should always remember to carry some small change to give to the police men, if asked, to allow them to buy a coke. Thirsty work all this policing!!

Should you wish to prolong your stay in Tambala you could try the Pousada just up the road 100 metres or so on the right as you drive out of Tambaba.

It’s very clean and basic without airs and graces.

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