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Weapons and Ammunitions

In case of gun users visiting Brazil. This fact sheet sets out the main requirements under Brazil’s Decree 3665 of November 20th , 2000for non-residents who wish to bring a weapon into Brazil.

There are two classes of firearms and devices for the purposes of Brazilian law:

Regulation for the Inspection of Controlled Products
Excerpt of Decree-Law 3665, November 20th , 2000
(Translation of selected parts of the Brazilian legislation in force, with the sole purpose of assisting foreign nationals traveling to Brazil carrying firearms and/or ammunition) Customs Clearance Procedures Regarding Firearms and Ammunition Brought In As Personal Property
Art. 218. Foreign travelers who enter the Brazil carrying firearms and ammunition, (including handguns and pressure guns fired by the action of gas or springs) are required to present them to customs officials. The arms will be kept at the proper facility and an official “retention document” will be issued. No further delay will occur regarding customs clearance of other checked personal luggage.

  1. The foreign national will, then, be required to submit two(2) copies of a formal request , addressed to the “Comandante da Região Militar – RM” (Brazilian Army Commander of the Military District) possessing jurisdiction over the geographical area in question, along with the passport (showing the date of entry in Brazil) and requesting customs clearance of the firearms and ammunition in question.
  2. Upon receipt of the document by the Commander, the proper inspection procedure will be issued.
  3. Once the inspection has been completed by the regional office of the “Serviço de Fiscalização de Produtos Controlados – SFPC/RM” (Controlled Products Inspection Service) the proper Customs official will be duly notified, via the “Guia de Desembaraço Alfandegário” (Customs Clearance Form). One copy of which will be the document needed by the owner to proceed to the appropriate office to secure a firearms registration, if so determined.
  4. The firearms and ammunitions for which no clearance has been granted, may be returned to the rightful owner, within a 6 months time frame following entry in the country should the owner leave the country by the same port of entry. They may also be exported back to the country of origin, within the same time frame, upon release of authorization granted by the “Diretoria de Fiscalização de Produtos Controlados – DFPC” (Inspection of Controlled Products Directorate). The return of the firearms and ammunition has to be formally requested by the owner.
  5. Customs clearance will only be granted once the interested party has presented the document issued by the “SFPC/RM”stating that no further registration is pending.
  6. Following the time frame as established in this Article, § 4 above, the firearms and ammunition not cleared by Customs, or that have not been requested by the owner, will be held at the “SFPC/RM” for future disposal.
    Art. 219. In exceptional cases, whenever involving foreign missions duly authorized to conduct research upcountry, or foreign nationals on special missions, or by invitation of the government, or shooting competitions, or authorized hunting, clearance of firearms and ammunitions of a restricted nature may be granted.

    Art. 220. The clearance granted by military officials, in accordance with this Chapter, does not release the interested party from the requirements brought forth by Customs officials; the aforementioned clearance attests only to the fact that the Brazilian Army is imposing no restrictions.

Permited Firearms
The Brazilian legislation classifies firearms in general in two categories: firearms of exclusive use by the Armed Forces and allowed firearms. According to the Brazilian legislation, the allowed firearms are as follows:

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