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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities


Av. Cabo Branco, 2270 – Cabo Branco, João Pessoa – PB, 58045-010

(83) 3226-5734

Several friends of mine have asked me to try out Marinas restaurant about half way down the Ave. Cabo Branco. It’s on a corner, offers plenty of parking and every time I pass, it is always very well attended. As you enter the restaurant, a soothing fountain awaits you and a band plays on a purpose made stage. It is very well planned.

You can sit well away from the band but still enjoy the fine views which are a huge bonus feature of this restaurant. It seemed that every table afforded fine views of the beachfront including the band and fountain. All aspects, bar one, were open and subject to the famous João Pessoa gentle breeze. There was a glazed, closed in area presumably air conditioned which was set back and didn’t have quite the same views but like other parts of the restaurant, it had a huge 42″ flat screen TV to compensate.

The big screen TVs showed concerts but the noise level was acceptable for polite conversation. Without doubt it is a very comfortable restaurant with good solid tables and chairs (not the ubiquitous white plastic four set) and fine thick table clothes. And here is yet another point, not only does one have fine views of the sea but one can see right into the kitchen. Huge glazed screens separate the starving hordes from the chefs within. And have no doubt, one can see everything. My good lady wife and I had fish dishes; the children had kibes with potato puree. I don’t think anyone could criticize the quality of the food; perhaps it was so good that I wanted more and felt the portion could have been a tad more appreciative of my needs. That said though there was space for sweet in the form of caramel banana and a chocolate mousse. Was it expensive? Well, (R$100)25 pounds on a Sunday in England, especially in Buckinghamshire wont buy you very much, but here, in João Pessoa it bought all the aforementioned.

I will add that I have spent the same sum in other restaurants along this same stretch of sea front and not enjoyed it half as much. If it were my restaurant I would find a place for the children to play or do as “Casa da Bacalhau” do and provide colouring books and pens. That will allow the children to dance to the band Terere. Where? On the Beach front, Cabo Branco. What, no more information? My feeling is you won’t need it. Terere is one of the most popular “be seen at” restaurants in João Pessoa. You know you are getting near because the traffic starts to slow down and queues form. It has a token car park but you have to get in early to use. You can only eat inside the air-conditioned restaurant where you can enjoy the spectacular sea views and of course be seen enjoying them. It is also popular because of the quality of the food and the rodizio. The Pasta / Sushi lunch costs about R$19,90 – again all you can eat (Yes, I love to eat)! The sushi is made fresh in front of you — many varieties along with fresh salmon and shimp and other goodies. A real deal!! If you get the complete lunch with the rodizio (meat) it costs around R$35,00.


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