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Paraíba Paradise

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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities


Often touted as one of the better sushi restaurants, it is located on the corner of Ave. Indio Arabutan in Cabo Branco a few bocks back off the beach. It has the same tired livery of black and red which is typical of all the other sushi places. You have to park on the street and things can get a bit congested. If you take a table outside then you are going to be subject to a lot of road noise. It is fully air-conditioned with various table sizes for couples, foursomes and large parties. There is an upstairs too.

The staff never ventured any help and we continually had to ask for things. We could have sat at our table all night without eating and drinking or hindrance from staff. However, a special waiter service is offered at 10% of the bill. The waiter will choose your selection and specially prepare it for your table. I thought it was odd that tables were place directly below the staircase. Unhygienic, in fact, and perhaps uncomfortable for those wearing skirts going up the stairs. We were finally told we could serve ourselves and were shown to a sushi buffet where we could select from the delectables before us. Now here is the difference between Yokan and other sushi bars. The tables of sushi are at lower chest level convenient you may think at first, novel in fact, until you watch people select the sushi. They talk to the chef on the other side of the table and lean their faces right over the food (it does get noisy in there). When people reach for sushi the armpit is uncomfortably close to the food.

We were very selective about our choice as the sushi had lost its appeal. I am not sure if this factor would pass the “G” test. It is, without doubt a very popular restaurant and you do need to get there early, say around 7.30pm to beat the crowds. Always walk to the beach afterwards which is only a short distance away.


Avenida Indio Arabutan, 221 – Cabo Branco, João Pessoa


(83) 3247-5429

Yokan (Can’t find this address on the map?)

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