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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

Joao Pessoa: Capital of Sports

beaches-sportThe city of João Pessoa is the destination for those people who are lovers of sports and a healthy life. The city is famous for its natural richness and abundance of trees. Its beaches are legendary and perfect for all types of sports which can be practiced in one of the least variable climates on the planet. The temperature averages 26c though in summer it can go as high as 38c with many comparing it to the Mediterranean climate.

This makes it perfect for surfing and sail boarding, Kite surfing, para gliding, diving, yachting, rock climbing, cycling, trekking, beach volley and football, roller skating, power walking, pogo sticking and swimming.

Geo data
Wind speed = 12 knots
Average humidity=80%
Longitude west 34degrees 47?30″ and latitude 7 degrees 09? 28??

Tropical climate with two seasons with the rains occurring from March to August and then sun for the rest of the time.


In the warm, clear waters of the Paraíban coast, it is possible to observe the richness of the marine life along with several shipwrecks. Main diving areas are Areia Vermelha, Buraco,Jardim das Espongas, Paradea das Bicudas, Pedra de Baixo,Picao das Agulhas, Picaozinho,recifes de Cabedelo,Praia de Gramame,Jacuma and Prai do Seixas.

The most popular wrecks to visit are:

Note, the best months for diving are between October and May when visibility can be as much as 30 metres or more.

Power walking

powerwalkEvery day thousands of Pessoenses take to the roads or walk the length of the beaches.

The council of João Pessoa even closes one of its main roads, Ave Cabo Branco, from 5.00am to 8.00am to allow its walkers and practitioners of other sports, to use it free from the encumbrance of vehicular traffic. People walk from the beaches up to the lighthouse at Ponte de Seixas or just along the beaches. Some walk on the sand, others, the road but walk they do. The police are there to ensure the roads remain traffic free and to test your blood pressure. Special fitness officers are also on hand to give keep fit classes.

Other noted walking areas are Jardim Botanico, Parque Arruda Camara(Bica) or more simply The Zoo.

Sand sports

Everywhere along the beaches of Cabo Branco and Tambau you will see areas marked out for volley and football. Some areas have training bars to enable participants to work out and warm up.


surfingJoão Pessoa has its own barrier reef of coral and it is within these areas that the perfect conditions for surfing and body boarding are created. Surfers are well catered for in João Pessoa with many surf shops and schools. Surfing is so good in this region that many regional, national and international championships are held here.

The main surfing areas are Dique de Cabedelo, Porrachos, Macacos (Intermares), Hawaiizinho, Bessa, Jacuma, Coquerinho, Tambaba, Praia Bela e Barretas.

Kite and Wind surfing

The special climatic conditions of the Paraíban coast have led to the increase in popularity of Kite surfing in this area, particularly due to the consistency of the breeze. Athletes are attracted here from all over the world because they can practice over long periods. This enables them to work out more complicated manoeuvres. Most popular beaches are Bessa and Intermares.

More information available from 3247-8365 or 8802-1009


Here in Paraíba, cycling is synonymous with adventure. There are several specialist shops on the sea front of Manaira, Tambau (near Marinas Hotel) and on the link road from Bessa to the BR230. As well as the championships and tours, there are many independent cycling groups. These groups are very well organised and go out on long outings supported by specialist back up vehicles. There are mountain bike trials too in the forests of Xem Xem, Altiplano, Cabo Branco and Jacarape. The city itself has over 15 kilometres of cycle track on its main roads and the figure is set to increase.

Details of clubs and outings can be found in all of the specialist cycle shops. However, groups of cyclists do meet up in front of Terere restaurant and the bike shop near Cultura Inglesa, Manaira on a Tuesday morning from 6.00am.


yachtThe warm and pleasant climate coupled with the coral reefs between Cabedelo and João Pessoa combine to create the perfect conditions for gentle sailing.

Extending for over 10 miles, the lagoon area has become a retreat for many sporting yachts en route to competitions.

There are many yacht clubs particularly in Bessa and Praia de Jacare where there are also boat repair yards.


The main tennis club is in Altiplano but for those people who just want to make a racket try the tennis school in Tambau Tropical hotel. You can go along morning , noon or night and play on their courts. For coaching and booking contact the hotel direct or ring 8870-6513 or 9154-578


Paintball is a combat sport with rules of engagement , tactics, strategy and team spirit .You generally play in groups, where the objective is to reach a goal first against another team.

Teams play round abandoned apartment complexs in Altiplano and other areas of the city.Contact Assault Scenario Paintball, Mussure, BR101,District Industrial, João Pessoa 8803-9664


Bessa has its very own squash centre just up the road from Bessa Shopping and across the road from Caiçara Shopping. Appropriately called ” Squash Bessa” you can find out more on 9118-3325 or take a look at the site

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