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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

Buying an Apartment

The following points may seem blindingly obvious but in the heat of the day and faced with a beautiful view the senses and wit may get dulled somewhat.

Without a doubt the views from the top of a tower block across João Pessoa to the praia of Jacare for the sunset and/ or across to the sea are breath takingly fantastic. However, away from the hot breath of an estate agent one should consider several factors.

How is that persistent cool breeze which blows across João Pessoa? Does it become a gale force wind when channelled between two other structures? Can you actually sit outside on the veranda for any length of time to enjoy the view, a book etc and does the sun shine directly onto the veranda causing heat gains equal to a Plessey glass furnace? One should be particularly vigilant if the view is a much vaunted and more expensive southern view.

How long will you have that expensive view? If you are outside the famous 500m beach zone where building height is restricted you may be in a for a shock to discover a 42 floor super tower going up in front of your block, surely affecting the value. Buildings are getting higher and higher in João Pessoa. Look out for houses in front of your block as developers are not shy to purchase several homes, particularly derelict homes, in order to demolish and build towers. Just walk down the southern half of Cabo Branco. Expensive homes were purchased for redevelopment as apartments. If you have purchased a house to the rear of those blocks its value will be reduced to the same proportion as the view!

Be equally careful when buying a north west facing apartment. Most constructions are of rendered, single skin, terracotta block work which absorbs and retains the heat. Under the baking gaze of João Pessoa’s hot sun you will soon realise the consequences. The heat gains within the property are considerable. You may be able to air condition the air (think electricity bill) but you can’t cool down the walls! One solution is to have balconies around the building which shade the walls or allow you to put screens up ( If the Syndico allows it).

Speak to the Syndico about future plans for the block. This will help when considering the monthly condo fee. More often than not, small design features are left out (or forgotten) for inclusion at a later stage.

Don’t be afraid to visit a property several times and at different times of the day. Include for visiting the area too.

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