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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

Tree Planting in Joao Pessoa

tree_planting_projectThe prefeitura is very proud of João Pessoas reputation as one of the greenest cities in the world. However, a lot of work is involved. The programme for 2009  involves planting 30,000 new trees by December. The nurseries include tree specimens which are near extinction but are now being reintroduced into the area. The latest area to benefit from the tree planting programme is the beach border of Manaira and Bessa; there you will find a row of about twenty palms.

However, this isn’t the only scheme and the Prefeitura of João Pessoa, have a full time team of 50 men planting and taking care of the trees around the city.

Many of the squares (praças) in João Pessoa are being refurbished and this includes putting in new trees. In June 2008, the Prefeitura of João Pessoa launched a scheme to help the public plant more trees. There is advice on planting in areas to avoid above and below ground cables and drainage. Further, the problems of roots and the size of root bowls is discussed in relation to walls, surface concrete and paving, street lamps and signals.

For example a tree up to 6m high should be given at least 1.5m free width at the base.

Choosing a tree

Really important for a variety of reasons. Put in the wrong place a tree can force down a wall, block out light etc. Its also important to know what your gardener is telling you so as you get off loaded with a tree that he wants to sell you and not that you want.

Small tree between 4 to 6m

For narrow pavements and distance between other trees, a minimum of 5m. Consider Ipe-mirim, Roma, Urucum, Parta de vaca, Pitanga, Murta, e Papoula.

Medium, between 5 and 10m

For wide pavements and plant at least 7m between other trees.
Consider Aroeira, Murici, Cassia-imperial, Mororo, Leiteira, Pau Lacre, Barbetenom.

Large, from 10m.

Mainly for avenues, parks and very big gardens, a long way from cables, keeping at least 10m from other trees. Consider Ipe-amarelho/roxo/white, Pau-brasil, Sucupira, Imbiribeira, Oitozeiro, Pau-ferro, Sibipiruna, Craibeira and Açoita-cavalo. If you choose not to keep branches away from cables then Energisa, the electrical company will do it for you.

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