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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

Beaches of João Pessoa

gramame-soloWith around 135 km of white sand, crystalline waters, vast areas of coconut trees and cliffs of singular beauty, João Pessoa unveils to each curve, some of the most beautiful landscapes of the north eastern coast. Many beaches are still practically deserted, save for a few, scattered fishing villages.

A walk along the coast line of João Pessoa could start at Camaratuba, on the north coast. Noted for its dark waters, it is popular with surfers. It has very little infrastructure and therefore very much appreciated by people in search of a tan while taking in the beauty and peace of the area.

From Camaratuba, the tourist passes through the beaches of Giz Branco (the White Chalk) and the Fort (O Forte) with its fishermen’s village, until they arrive at the Baia da Traiçao ( the Bay one of the Treason) The bay is famous for possessing the only native Indian reserve in the state, where the Potiguara Indians live. The enthusiastic tourist could spend the whole day here learning native dancing, handicraft techniques and eating traditional Indian food which the Indians themselves never eat as it is only made for tourists. Most native Indians can be found in the bars and restaurants of nearby Mamanguape.

From there, the next stop is Mamanguape beach area, the home of the famous Peixe-boi marinho Project, where the animals roam free, but monitored, in the estuary of River Mamanguape. After experiencing the ecology of the Mamanguape beach area, we arrive in Lucena, famous for its carnival that spreads colour and joy throughout the main streets of the town. Eventually we come to the Tip of Lucena and Costinha, where the coconut trees dominate the view. From Costinha the ferry-boat takes you to the coast of Cabedelo, a port city 18km from João Pessoa.

From Cabedelo to João Pessoa, you will find some of the most coveted beaches on the Paraíban coast. One of them is Praia da Jacare, a fluvial beach, where Ravel’s “Bolero” is always played to accompany the sun set and is responsible one for the massive presence of tourists in the bars, restaurants, little artesanato stores and marinas.

From there we crossover to the east coast and Areia Vermelha, the famous sand bank that appears during low tide and attracts hundreds of swimmers on sunny mornings and during each full moon; other beaches include Camboinha, Poços, Campina and Intermares.

With the exception of the last beach , famous for surfing and strong waves, all the other beaches of the city-port are true natural swimming pools of warm, calm water, ideal for children and the elderly as well as for the practicing of a great variety of water sports. Intermares is the final neighbourhood of the city of Cabedelo and borders with the Bessa beach, already in the Paraíba capital.

After that there are 30 km of tourist infrastructure combined with beautiful beaches such as Manaíra, Tambaú, Picãozinho (not a beach, but a bank of coral which forms natural swimming pools during the tide low, in the sea off Tambaú), Cabo Branco, Ponta do Seixas, the most eastern point of the Americas and the scene of the earliest sun rise. Finally there is Penha the last of the most visited beaches by tourists. From this point onwards we move on to the littoral sul or south coast line where we find Praia Arraial, Camurupim, Sol and Gramame, all little visited by the local population. Further south, we come to Jacumã, already a victim of real estate speculation, the beach, that was one of prettiest in the region, has lost a little of its brightness and enchantment.

Tambaba Beach

Tambaba Beach

After Jacumã, comes Carapibus, Coqueirinho and the famous Tambaba, first north eastern beach to be designated a naturist reserve. Also known as an ecological sanctuary, Tambaba has, of course a fine stretch of natural woodland and an impressive multicoloured sand labyrinth, the result of the action of the wind on the cliffs. Approximately 40 km from the Paraíba capital, the beach of Tambaba is accessible from the PB-008.

The walk that started off in Camaratuba finishes on the beautiful beaches of Pitimbu, the final city on the Paraíba coast. Beyond the beauty of the formations of coral, of the sand banks and wide beach and coconut plantations, the tourist still has time to try the finest lobster in the north east finishing off this walk in Paraíba paradise in fine style.

By 2009 all the beaches from Cabo Branco right upto Bessa by Intermares will be a wi-fi zone, courtesy of a scheme being implemented by the Prefeitura.

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