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Le Petit Paradis Pousada in Joao Pessoa

Family run Guest House in a quiet residential street and close to local amenities

Where can I Buy

You want what

It is never easy to find what you are looking for in a new city, in this section we will list items and where to get them, the kind of things you will not find on the shelf of the average supermarket. Whenever you find something you have been hunting high and low for and you want to let everyone know where to get send it to us via the contact us section and we will add it here.

Medical equipment

crutchesIn the old town or Centro you will find several shops selling everything from wheelchairs to false arms and legs. There seemed to be every other kind of medical appliance too. Drive along Ave. Dom Pedro 1 (most people know that one because of Tambia shopping) Continue into the old town past the old church on your right and then sharp left bend into Ave. Gen. Osorio. Parking is by card only (faixa Azul).

Construction material and equipment

bricksMost people would go to the BR230 and Retao for their bits and bobs, O Mestre , O Vergalhao and Vermelhino being the big hitters. Parking being a big advantage. O Vergalhao is credited with having the greatest range of plumbing accessories but if you really want to let your hair down and talk brick and tile go to Ave. Juarez Tavore in TORRE and the surrounding streets. Start at the aforementioned avenue and work towards Beira Rio (Ave. Min. Jose Americo de Almeida)What ever you do don’t forget to look down Ave. Barao De Mamamanguape a veritable treasure trove of construction stores. R.Maciel Pinheiro in Varadouro (Centro) has many shops selling floor tiles, paint and electrical goods for houses and cars. Reference point, just go two roads back from the main central bus station.

The “O Mestre” store in the area is huge. However, there are many similar stores including specialist electrical and metal work stores. Note delivery is generally free. In June 2008, Amarelhino was voted the best construction material store (branches throughout João Pessoa).

Most stores are closed on Saturday afternoon except for the big construction materials store painted bright yellow next to BANGALO just up the road from VW MAIS on the BR230. Why the complicated point of reference? You guessed it, no name but it is well stocked with essentials. The “O Mestre” store is also open till 16.00 on Saturdays and till midday on Sundays.

Computer equipment and access

Immediately all fingers point to “Info Box next to HSBC in Epitacio Pessoa. Take the town bound road. Plenty of parking and Stephen speaks English so can get you out of a tight spot. Round the corner in Ave . Rio Grande do Sul you have Computador e cia, equally good and cheaper. However, there is a street of shops which have absolutely everything for building computers, sound systems including loud speakers. It’s called Rua Feitosa Ventura and not on some maps so how to get there. Go to Teatro Santa Rosa along Rua Barao Triunfo and at the end there is a large city square which includes three large public buildings (Police central command, subdivision, central post office where you pick up your parcels).computer

If you are driving, turn left at the lights and then first right at the next lights. Forget the hustle and bustle and drive past all the shops where you can easily and comfortably park. Don’t forget to look in the little shops down the numerous side streets. If you are walking, enjoy the recently refurbished square and its little stalls, have a photo taken with the bronze pedestrians, cross the square up to the lights then follow the above instructions. Also WA Computadores, Ave. Maximiniano Figueiredo, 443 Centro, JP (83) 3241- 2914


There are several main markets and for fruit and veg, three probably come to mind straight away; Tambau and Centro.

Tambau is located at the corner of Praça Santo Antonio ( tourist information, tourist police and shopping centre) and Av. Ruy Carneiro. You can usually park on the praça and surrounding streets. Market is open from 06.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Saturday.

Centro market is located just off Lagoa. Parking is available around Lagoa and after driving three or four times around Centro market; you may find it easier to park there. To get there, turn left at the lights after circumnavigating Lagoa (going into the centre) continue up the hill, Rua Diogo Velho, and take the first or second left, drive a hundred yards and the market are will present itself. Don’t be fooled; the market area is huge with several sub markets. Read again what was said about parking.

marketsTorre market is located on the right (going into town) behind Beira Rio located at the junction of Ave. Barao de Mamanguape and Rua Feliciano Duardo. It’s a mixed market of meat, fish, fruit, veg, CDs and enough plastic toys and things you don’t need to cornerstone the GDP of a small country. A note of caution, though. The rows between the built in stalls are quite narrow, people rub past you and you can be heard. This may concern not just the claustrophobic but those who are sensitive about their ability to speak Portuguese. Would you want to eat there? Well some people do fancy a bit of home cooking and are partial to Caipira chicken amongst other things. You can get it there. The market is open 06.00h till 6.00pm every day.

Then there are two others; Bairro dos Estados Av.Joaquim Pinto Ferreira, near SABRAE, 06.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Saturday.

The other is Jacaribe, Av. 1st Maio in Jacaribe. Every Wednesday 05.00am till 8.00pm with shows after 4.00pm.


The larger stores already mentioned have a fair selection of lighting but nothing beats the specialist stores. While some of the light fittings are expensive, they are certainly elegant and in many respects, unique.
Take a look at b&m in Epitacio Pessoa 2876 opposite Insinuante store and near the turn off to Ruy Carneiro.

lightingAlso Casa dos Lustres in Beira Rio 256 on the left as you drive into town and nearer to the town side.

More exclusive bathroom and light fittings can be found in a few shops in Edson Ramalho, Manaira.

Check out
STI LUZ Ave Epitacio Pessoa 1167. It’s a huge store with a wide selection of light fittings. The store is located just up from Extra (on the same side) and offers plenty of parking.

Furniture and electrical stores

There are several chains in the northeast, some of which you may or may not have heard of;
Loja Maia
Electro Shopping
Atacadao dos Electricos
Lojas Prima Vera

There are plans (2008) for a Casas Bahia on the Retao de Manaira

shoes-repairsShoes mending, zips fixing

O Sapateiro, Ave. Edson Ramalho, Manaira (Near the top end of the Avenue in the shopping parades; plenty of parking too) (83) 3246 6958 or 8834 2604 All the work he has carried out for me has lasted and he is very reasonable.

Garden centres

Yes they do exist and generally they have quite a variety of plants in stock. All had pots for sale and delivery could be arranged. Some had garden furniture but choice was limited. You find a lot of garden furniture in shops such as Bangalo on the BR230 between Hiperbom Preço and Carrefour as well as the aforementioned stores. Most of the larger furniture shops had a garden furniture section.

garden-centresFlora Shopping, probably one of the bigger garden centres, it has at least two stores; Ave Beira Rio, 2095, Tambauzinho (83)3225-4797 and (83)8822-9944 and Ave Des Botto de Menzes 655, Tambia (83) 3222-4929 and (83)8822-9911. Both stores have a wide range of plants in varying sizes and colours including full size palms and trees. The range of pots was limited as was the design.. You could also have the pots painted before delivery.
Chacara Beira Rio (opposite UNIMED hospital) This centre offered a wider range of more exotic plants, though they did offer small trees and palms too. Look out for the two parrots. Do not be deceived by the frontage; it is quite a big centre and extends to another property in the street behind the centre. Contact Michelina on (83)8825-9551/2 or (83) 3224-6231

Flora Falcone, Definitely don’t think that this is a small back yard operation. It does look a very small concern from the front. Trees in pots greet you like a Triffid meeting but once down the back alley you are taken from lot to lot so you can explore to your hearts ontent. It had quite a sizable Bonsai collection too. Be careful when parking as the road is a link between Ruy Carneiro and Epitaçio Pessoa so it is generally very busy. Contact Sandra or Fernando on (83) 3225-3050/9342-0528/8866-0801

There are several other much smaller centres; one in Bessa, one in Cabo Branco (Just down from Pao de Açucar) and another in Beira Rio near the BR230 bridge in Tambauzinho. Addresses to follow.

Fresh flowers and bouquets from Praça da independencia, (Centro) in the pavilion.


Not all fully tried and tested.

Musical instruments

Look at the notice boards in Espaço Cultural

Pet shops

There are dozens of pet shops around, even the big supermarkets have pet shops. You can also do a search through the classified sections of the newspapers too.

For pets generally, you could also wait for the big pet show in JULY which fills Espaço Cultural in Tambauzinho.

For dogs specifically there is the CRUFTS type dog show in OCTOBER every year. Below is an example from 2008.

OCTOBER  INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW from the Kennel Club of Paraíba the CRUFTS type dog show is run by the Kennel club of Paraíba. It will be held at Espaço Cultural. There will be three shows; International and two Pan-American. It would appear to be the full monty as the list of awards and activities is quite long. For more info contact the following
Cidade: João Pessoa – PB
Telefone: (83) 3224-6634 / 3243-7193

For doggy news generally contact

Oil change

You could take the car to your local garage if it is still under warranty and pay the exorbitant fees requested (R$80 @1.5 hours). However, once out of warranty you can take it anywhere you like. Hiperbom preço and Carrefour will service your car while you shop. The range of filters and oil etc is limited in Hiper but extensive in Carrefour. The oil was the cheapest ever. Then there is the little guy at the end of the road any filter will do, any oil and cheap labour. Good for some but not everyone.

You could just try somewhere which looks like a clinic, where everything is spotless. All the team have been trained and all the materials are available. I am talking about CLINICA DO LUBRIFICANTE, Ave Beira Rio, 119, Torre, 3241-3559/3725
Well they were one of the cheapest but certainly there wasnt anyone as professional as this group. While the work is being carried out there is a very nice lounge with TV and refreshments.

I know people who would never go anywhere else again. See their ad on our main page and mention Paraíba Paradise and you will get a further discount.

This is the future of oil changes. They also do a range of other services in equally clinical conditions.

Maintaining your swimming pool

This is one of the most important parts of owning a pool. Unfortunately it is often left to unskilled pools men who practice with your money. Very often it is better to maintain the pool yourself to ensure it meets the strict criteria for healthy swimming especially where children are involved. Language can be a barrier to understanding what is required so it is fortunate that MONTEL have a fluent English speaker at their Retao de Manaira branch (near the BR230 fly over;plenty of parking). He is called Rodolpho and if they don’t have what you want from their very comprehensive stock,they will order specially for you.

They have some excellent advice on their own website which will soon be available in English


Retao de Manaira 3246-2655 Bessa 3268-4108

Epitacio Pessoa (just after Pao de Açucar in Miramar) 3227-0080


There are new bookshops in all the major shopping centres as well as independent bookshops like Zarinha ( but what about second hand books? Here in joao Pessoa we are fortunate enough to have one of the biggest in any city in Brazil. It is called Sebo Cultural in Av. Tabajaras,848, Centro,  João Pessoa. Its near Lagoa and very handy for the buses. It even has a cafe, small amphitheatre and cultural programme. Books are available in other languages as well as Portuguese. Give them a ring on 3222-4438 or 3241-1423.

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