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Areia Brejo

Areia Brejo

Paraíba isnt only special for the sun and the sea. There is a special corner of the state called the Brejo region with its enchanting scenes and exuberant natural environment. You will find waterfalls and ecological reserves, old towns and architecture, immersed in rich cultural history enthusiastically kept alive by the locals.

The Caminhos do Frio cultural route is the newest regional tour. From July to August the temperature will dip to at least 12c and possibly lower.

The Brejo already offers the Caminhos dos Engenhos which is a tour of all the cachaça distilleries in association with the history of the Civilisation of Sugar. You can also take a three day walk in the footsteps of Padre Ibiapina, a local religious historical figure. Many people do the route by bike or on horseback. There is also the “Cariri, a tribute to you” a little further away in a different region.

The six municipalities involved are Areia, Bananeiras. Serraria, Piloes, Alagoa Grande and Alagoa novo.

Bananeiras  July

The Caminhoes do Frio start here with Adventure and Art in the Serra. There will be presentations and activities involving local art and culture alongside walks and climbing tours. The history of the town is a mixture of fact, legend and tradition. It stands at 526m a.s.l. so the climate at this time is a little cold and damp. It was once one of the major producers of coffee in the region which is why you will see the large mansions of the coffee owners clearly representing the opulent lifestyle of their former owners.cahoroc1

Many of the buildings in the town and countryside have preservation orders. The train was very important at that time and the old station built by Great Western still stands today as the Pousada da Estaçao.

Amongst the other attractions of the region is the Cachoeira do Roncador (Snoring Waterfall) 45m high. The native flowers are also sure to appeal as well as the Chapel of the Cross of Rome built in 1899, which at 507 a.s.l offers beautiful views of the region. Read more about Bananeiras.

Alagoa Nova  July

The town is on the PB-097 approximately 28kms from Campina Grande. The temperature there is quite cool, in keeping with other Serra towns. It is 530m a.s.l. offering beautiful views over the undulating scenery.Several old colonial large houses bless the town and visitors should time their visit to experience the famous Festa da Galinha Capoeira which takes place on the 29th. The festival gives the locals an opportunity to display their handicraft, culinary and dancing skills.

Serraria July-August

Home to some of the regions really great old houses such as the Engenho Baixa Verde which retains most of its original aspects including its chapel and out buildings. The Pousada Engenhos Laranjeiras is another with the advantage that you can stay to sample some of the regional delights. The festival of the dancing chicken will also take place in Serraria after it has finished in Alagoa Nova.

Areia  August

This small town has a very rich cultural history. It is the birthplace of the painter Pedro Americo, the writer Jose Americo de Almeida and the inventor of the writing machine Padre Azevedo. Several of the buildings have preservation orders including the Theatre Minerva (1859) and still used today. In fact there will be special shows during the festival.

There is also the 17th Century church Nossa Senhora da Rosario dos Pretos, Igreja Matriz, colonial home of Jose Rufino, the library of Jose Americo de Almeida, The regional museum of Areia, The museum of Rapadura, the old home of painter Pedro Americo, part of a forest reserve (the mata pau ferro) and a science centre of UFPB. The town was the first to free its slaves after the enactment of the new law. The festival will be celebrated with the theme” Cold, Cachaça and Art”

Piloes  August

The town of Piloes has been famous for its involvement in agriculture since its very beginning. This has benefited the sugar cane growers enabling them to produce a range of products such as Rapadura and the famous “cachaça de Alambique”. The Piloes area is famous for its walks and waterways, fruit plantations especially Caju. The temperate tropical climate is beneficial to the flower growers, who work as a co-operative, the results of which can be seen in the flower festivals which are integrated into the calendar of the Caminho do Frio.

Alagoa Grande  August

Jackson do Pandeiro

Jackson do Pandeiro

Named after the lake of the same name it is the birthplace of Jose Gomes Filho or “Jackson do Pandeiro”. The town has a big reputation for its cultural festivals. Another of its attractions is Engenho Lagoa Verde where they make the famous cachaça “Volupia”.

Tourists are greeted by staff wearing traditional costumes. Regional wares can be sampled in the restaurant “Bangue” and there is also a farm shop. Other features of the town are its market and colonial style houses. The Caminhos do frio tour finishes here with the Festival of Art and Culture.

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